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Communications Goals

Management Consultancy For Agencies

Astrophel specialises in communications management.

Our communications goals are ambitious. We aim to help others to achieve both lasting results and sustained success.

In healthcare and technology, we work directly with all types of organisations.  We help them to:

  • Manage their reputations
  • Exert influence
  • Foster improved communications with key stakeholders.

We also work closely with agency and professional services’ management teams who wish to grow their businesses creatively.  Typically we focus on:

  • Client retention
  • Business development
  • Process improvement and resourcing
  • Planning for sale, merger or acquisition. 

At Astrophel, we aim high with our communications goals.

The clue’s in our name: Astrophel – ‘The Star-Lover’.

Dr. Bill Nichols, Astrophel ceo.