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Reputation & Crisis

Management Consultancy For Agencies"Reputation is the sum of stories told about an organisation"
Smythe, Dorward and Reback

Scholars may debate its precise measurement.  But for every organisation and every individual, the  reputation asset is critical.  It signals quality, value and, above all, trust.   Every release, blog, tweet or conversation adds or detracts.  Reputation is as central to effective strategic planning and goal delivery as finance and human capital.  It is, quite simply, the currency which makes sense of complexity.   Working with well-tested approaches such as the Henley SPIRIT model, we help corporate, government and individual clients:

  • Audit and assess the risks and upsides of key plans and initiatives
  • Create stakeholder maps and lines of engagement
  • Construct messages and narratives which address major issues and change positively
  • Influence and transform agendas
  • Conduct scenario planning and simulation
  • Build effective crisis management plans which mitigate risk and reputational damage over the classic five stages: detection, prevention, containment, recovery and learning. 

Consultancy For Agencies

Management Consultancy For Agencies"Every so often an unavoidable and pervasive shift takes place that affects every industry… It creates profound discomfort. And profound opportunity."

Five years of tough market conditions. A massive digital transformation. New social enterprises. And the dissolution of traditional boundaries between disciplines such as PR and advertising. For marketing agencies and communications consultancies of all types, these have created a near-perfect storm. Yet, in this age of 'new secularism', opportunities abound. We work with management teams to help them apply their creative talent to their own businesses. And we facilitate:

  • Organisational change
  • Skills enhancement and training
  • Business development
  • Innovation, ideas and intellectual property.

Relationships & Loyalty

Management Consultancy For AgenciesLoyalty is the client’s willingness to maintain a preferred service relationship…

Relationships are the flip-side of reputation.   They aggregate and multiply its value.  They foster loyalty among stakeholders (customers, partners, investors).  And they generate the goodwill which facilitates critical business outcomes such as advocacy, brand preference and decision satisfaction. Together they have made retention marketing the ‘new black’.  We work with professional business services and long-cycle considered purchase organisations to:

  • Audit and assess the relationship paths which are critical to loyalty
  • Build a management dashboard to integrate goodwill tracking and measurement
  • Create loyalty-development strategies to mitigate/enhance the ‘4E’ influencers:
    • Engagement (the rapport and responsiveness of front-line personnel)
    • Expectations (the critical management of stakeholder perceptions)
    • Empowerment (the early warning indicator of underlying trust in the relationship)
    • Equity (the client’s framing and assessment of value-added).
  • Identify and apply goodwill to enhance outcomes such as brand preference or customer word-of-mouth advocacy.

Training Suite

Management Consultancy For AgenciesThe minute you start thinking that you've done it all, that's when you're in the rear view mirror

Sadly most training is destined for the shelf. Time out, bit of fun and a nice manual or guide. A case of got the T-shirt but not done that! In our experience training only works truly effectively when it engages a real issue or challenge. When it’s about what will happen or what will probably occur. When we’re discussing real ‘stuff’. When it’s a live rehearsal. So we don’t offer standard courses for what might possibly be, maybe never. We work with clients under pressure to prepare for the upcoming policy change or emergency briefing. Based on a rapid needs assessment we customise to deliver:


Dr. Bill Nichols, Katowice School of Economics, April 2013


Available for guest lectures and speaking opportunities.  Recently Bosnia (ProActive conference), Croatia, Poland, UK (various)...

Key topics:  PR, reputation/crisis, services marketing and entrepreneurship.

Image: Dr. Bill Nichols, Katowice School of Economics, April 2013

Management Consultancy For Agencies